Teaching immigrants about sex in Germany

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One of the many difficult issues that immigrants face in Germany, is that native Germans grow up with excellent sex education, whereas the immigrants often come from countries where there is no sex education:

This article is from Die Zeit:

My experience thus far shows that the sooner young men attend a sex education course, the better are the chances to prevent the kind of group dynamic where sexual posturing combined with alcohol results in sexual assault. Sitting on colorful chairs with a banana in hand, even the most boisterous showoff soon quiets down and everybody in the room realizes that they all suffer from the same insecurities.

My sex education course is specifically for refugees, but it is open to all men. Sometimes, I am also approached by young German men who, for example, work as bouncers at the local clubs. “Aren’t you the woman who always talks about sex?” I nod. “The second mailbox next to the door of the doctor’s office,” I say, adding that we meet every third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. They almost always show up. The refugees learn that even two-meter tall men from Germany don’t have penises of steel and the tough young men learn that they didn’t know quite as much as they had thought.

In the USA I hang out with a well educated crowd. And yet, in 2007, I had a female friend who walked around a party asking all of the men “How do women pee?” and about half of the men at the party could not answer correctly. And most of the people at that party were in their thirties. Which is amazing, and not in a good way.

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