The best thing about Real Housewives is it shows older women doing stuff

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I am a huge reality TV watcher. I’m a huge Bravo fan, and really the idea of putting these women on a reality TV show came from feeling like I used up a lot of my own life in Luckiest Girl Alive, and I was kind of out of gas, and I didn’t know where to turn for inspiration.

The premiere of the 13th season [of Real Housewives of Orange County] was last night, and I’m looking at Vicki Gunvalson, and I’m like, “This woman has been in my life for 12 years, since I was in college.” That is crazy! She’s got to be pushing 70 and I hang on this woman’s every word. I am so invested in her; I am so invested in her stories, her families, her breakups, her new boyfriend, all of it. And I don’t think that there are very many spaces on TV where we really care about what women over the age of 40 are doing. In some ways, I find that really progressive, that Bravo has created this following. I don’t even know if I want to call it a cult following because it’s so much more mainstream than that. Women who really don’t get a lot of fair play in other realms of TV.

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