The fascist gays

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In all that time, he says, he’s never seen so many LGBT people “so emphatically vocal” about their conservative pride as they are now. “Many more LGBT individuals that I know are comfortable shouting their political affiliation from the rooftops.” Angelo also states that “over the course of course of 2016 and 2017 there has been a noticeable swell in grassroots support for LCR, a spike in membership, and a spike in social media followers.”

Not all gay conservatives are coming out, it should be said. Some are being outed. Gay journalist Mithcell Sunderland was recently fired from his role as a senior writer at Broadly, Vice’s feminism vertical, after BuzzFeed revealed he’d been suggesting misogynistic story ideas to Breitbart. Last year Sunderland, urged Yiannopoulos to “please mock this fat feminist,” referring to the writer Lindy West.

And, while Broadly’s managing editor – please, let’s pause for second and just let the fact Sunderland was the managing editor of a feminist site sink in – he sent a Broadly video about the Satanic Temple and abortion rights to Tim Gionet (who goes by the name Baked Alaska and is prominent in the alt right) telling him to “do whatever with this on Breitbart. It’s insane.”

Breitbart swiftly published an article titled “‘Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade.”

The friendships being forged between the right and the gay community aren’t just unique to America. Israel has long used pink-washing to help sanitize its treatment of Palestinians. And across the west there’s been a very calculated pink-washing of white nationalism. It’s OK to hate Muslims because Muslims hate gay people, we’re frequently told by white people who also hate gay people – just not as much as they hate Muslims.

Far-right parties have also realized that strategically dangling a few gay people acts as a sort of fundamentalist Febreze which dilutes the stench of their hatred. Last month, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), for example, became the first openly nationalist party to enter the German Bundestag since the defeat of the Nazis. The AfD is co-led by Alice Weidel, who is openly gay and in a civil partnership with a woman who is reportedly of Sri Lankan descent.

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