The increasingly forgotten class war of the 40s and 50s

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What a bizarre thing to write:

Not surprisingly given McAdam’s long history in the social movements research field, McAdam and Kloos argue that social movements are commonly relevant to electoral and party politics; they suggest that the period of relatively high consensus around the moderate middle (1940s and 1950s) was exceptional precisely because of the absence of powerful social movements during these decades. But during more typical periods, national electoral politics are influenced by both political parties and diffuse social movements; and the dynamics of the latter can have complex effects on the behavior and orientation of the former.a

These were the years when the battle between the labor unions and the capital powers reached its peak, with the forces of capital eventually winning. This was a time when there were dozens of major strikes every year, which gripped the newspaper headlines. This was a low grade civil war, and the workers lost. “relatively high consensus around the moderate middle (1940s and 1950s)” — who could write that?

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