The smart way for Russia to help Trump: manipulate votes to elect Democrats

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:, or follow me on Twitter.

(The following is about the USA, obviously)

I know of Democrats who are currently dreaming of winning a large majority in the House Of Representatives in the elections of 2018. Then they can proceed to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump.

There is an obvious way for Russia to help Trump, and that is to hack the election machines and so ensure that some Democrats win. Bonus points for candidates who were expected to lose — their wins will later seem egregiously illegitimate.

Russia will do what it can to keep these operations secret (insert qualifiers here) and wait till the spring of 2019, and then reveal what they did.

Can you imagine the reaction? The Democrats will be looking back on two years of outrageous violations by President Trump, and they will feel that they have a moral obligation to take action against a man so manifestly unfit to be President.

But what happens to that moral righteousness when the Russians reveal that the Democrats won because of Russian help? Then the Democrats are as guilty as Trump. On what moral basis do they proceed against him?

More so, it is all a win for Russia. While is it possible that Russia once hoped that Trump, if elected in 2016, would lift the sanctions against Russia, that hope has clearly faded. Nowadays, Russian intelligence operations against the USA tend to be focused simply on causing chaos and casting doubts on the legitimacy of the USA system (that is the older, more traditional goal of its operations). And helping the Democrats would help with that, as it would mean both of the major parties in the USA system were then tainted by help from Russia.

The only downside for Russia would be the risk of further sanctions, but that doesn’t seem to be a risk so long as Trump is President.