There must be a universe where we made it work right

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:, or follow me on Twitter.

I often think like this about the romances in my life, the permutations, the which would have been better. Interesting:

In one universe, we wake up next to each other every day for 50 years.
In another, we don’t know heartbreak or the ripping pain from crying all night.
We call each other every night, and you send me flowers. I see you in everything except real life but we’re content. This may be my favorite universe.
In the fourth universe, the miles between us don’t exist and we lay by the beach all weekend. Once Monday comes around, we go to our day jobs and come home to each other.
In a universe far, far away there is no other girl. There is no wondering. There is no regret.
But in my favorite universe, there is no ‘us’. I sit a few seats ahead of you on the bus, and you think you know my name but you don’t. We may see each other around town but we don’t notice.
Your grey eyes aren’t a part of my life and you still hate Vampire Weekend because they don’t remind you of all the times I danced in my underwear.
In my favorite universe our paths will never cross and we don’t end up together.
In this universe, we still don’t end up together.

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