What does astrology teach us about President Trump?

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com, or follow me on Twitter.

This is good:


ump was born under a lunar eclipse. An eclipse is disruptive to the cycle of light and dark. It blocks energy. Like putting your thumb over the bottle of soda and shaking it: an eruption is inevitable. Moon energy is also emotional. Trump is the embodiment of erratic emotional energy spraying out from the pressure valve of conscious control. Honey-boo-boo on three cans of Mountain Dew has better control of her emotional presence than our future president.

…To make matters more alarming, Uranus which is about as subtle as a cattle prod, is conjunct DT’s sun. It will shock. It exists to cause shock and awe. Erupting emotions and a shocking personality. The nation wanted a disruption, voted for it and got it. Shit’s about to get real.

…To be fair, Saturn on your moon feels bad. The moon nurtures a lovely feminine energy, but parking Saturn on your moon feels like being left alone with big job and not a lot of love. It might feel like winning the most powerful position in the nation and your wife deciding she will stay in New York with your son. If I was the Trumpster’s astrologer, I might pat his shoulder and say, “Oh honey, this isn’t a feel-good transit. Your best bet is to work hard and don’t take things personally.” Now that our country is paired off this time bomb, and given that an SNL skit can set him a-Tweeting, I wonder how the “not taking it all personally” is going to go down. Next up on my not-so-settling news is Uranus quarreling with Jupiter for the next year or so. Jupiter in Libra has a strong concern for justice which is opposite and going to go hard against Uranus’s ambition and unconventional foolhardy rebelliousness. Uranus in Aries leaps and doesn’t bother to look. It can inspire crazy good innovative technology: which is good! But it is just as likely to be crazy enough to leap off a cliff: which is not so good!

From my friend Linda Guyzinski.

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