Why are dance friends so rare?

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com, or follow me on Twitter.

I was recently talking to a friend. Over the last 5 years, she and I have gone out dancing maybe a total of 6 or 7 times, in New York City and in Berlin. Not very often, and she is my only real dance friend. She and I were talking about it recently, why are dance friends so rare? It seems difficult to find friends to go dancing with. The person you can go out to a club and dance till dawn? She said she has the same problem in Europe. Maybe its different if you devote yourself to a sub-culture that is focused on dance? Sadly, I don’t have time for that. She came pretty close to doing that and still had trouble finding the right kind of friend. I am not a good dancer, but it is fun to go, and I would go more often if I had the right kind of friend to go with. It’s such a rare thing. I wonder why.