Why didn’t Lindsey Graham ever marry?

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The article doesn’t raise the issue of Graham being gay. In the year 2016, that is what everyone reading will think of first.

Speaking of marriage, Graham writes: “I haven’t been lucky that way. But I have a family.”

“I have Darline, and her family. She’s married and the mother of two, and a respected professional, who runs the public information office of the state Department of Vocational Rehabilitation,” he writes. “I’m as proud of her as my parents would have been, and as close to her as ever.”

Graham does reveal several romances while serving overseas in the Air Force.

“I was in my twenties, a kid from a mill town in South Carolina, living in an exciting moment in history, traveling to cities that seemed unbelievably exotic to me,” he said. “I had two serious relationships while I was overseas.”

One, Graham writes, was an Air Force JAG officer working in England named Carol.

“She was a great lawyer and an even better person and we had a blast together,” he said. “But tours of duty end and people move on. Such is life in the military. Carol returned to the States, got married, raised a family, and served on Colin Powell’s staff.”

He also dated a Lufthansa flight attendant named Sylvia, Graham writes.

“The relationship became serious quickly,” he said. “At one point, I thought I would propose, or at least I entertained the idea. It wasn’t to be, though. She was responsible for an aging mother in Vienna, and I was South Carolina boy, who needed to go home.”

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