Why not have more non-white female security guards?

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There is truth in this:

though Karine Jean-Pierre had both the reaction time and the situation-defusing skills of the Dora Milaje, she NEVER should have had to put herself in that situation.


I’m all for Karine Okoye Jean-Pierre but the first emotion I felt was terror. That nut job got too close too fast and security didn’t do shit for a long ass time.


I love me some Karrine Jean-Pierre. She does not think of herself; she steps up to protect her sister while rocking a hot tight pink fit and pumps.

The point is, the security seemed slow to recognize what was happening, but a woman of color understood instantly what was happening to another woman of color, because a woman of color understood how often women of color are disrespected. To my mind, security is a bit like our immune system: we want as much diversity as possible, so we don’t get hit by that one weird bug that we have no immunity for. Having security forces from diverse backgrounds helps ensure that there is always some security present who can recognize what is actually happening, as a situation develops.

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