A meta technology hype roadmap

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com, or follow me on Twitter.

Very good:

Let me write a meta technology hype roadmap, so we can place these sorts of articles:
* Old technology is deemed by people too troublesome or restrictive.

* They come up with a new technology that has great long-term disadvantages, but is either easy to get started with short-term, or plays to people’s ego about long-term prospects.

* Everyone adopts this new technology and raves about how great it is now that they have just adopted it.

* Some people warn that the technology is not supposed to be mainstream, but only for very specific use cases. They are labeled backwards dinosaurs, and they don’t help their case by mentioning how they already tried that technology in the 60s and abandoned it.

* Five years pass, people realize that the new technology wasn’t actually great, as it either led to huge problems down the line that nobody could have foreseen (except the people who were yelling about them), or it ended up not being necessary as the company failed to become one of the ten largest in the world.

* The people who used the technology start writing articles about how it’s not actually not that great in the long term, and the hype abates.

* Some proponents of the technology post about how “they used it wrong”, which is everyone’s entire damn point.

* Everyone slowly goes back to the old technology, forgetting the new technology.

* Now that everyone forgot why the new technology was bad, we’re free to begin the cycle again.

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