A real life problem with our Docker use that cost us 3 days of lost work

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Sadly, no one saw this because I originally posted it as an update to “Docker protects a programming paradigm that we should get rid of” but just now, on Hacker News, steve_taylor wrote:

docker-compose up -d

What’s not easy about that?

My response? This is the sales pitch for Docker:

docker-compose up -d

But this Slack conversation is the reality (we lost 3 days before we were able to fix the issue, a complex interplay of the Docker cache and the way the Dockerfile was written, and the way we were pulling from Docker Hub)

[ [ originally from 2018-07-09 ] ]

The following happened today. This is exactly the kind of thing that Docker is supposed to protect us from, and it can’t even get this right. Really sad.

This is me and a co-worker, trying to reconcile our different parts of a Python app (he’s focused on the application code, I’m focused on setting ECR/ECS in AWS and integrating our Jenkins build process to our AWS setup):

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