Apple takes two weeks to update a forgotten password?

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I am amazed by this. On Friday I tried to log into:

None of my regular passwords worked. Only later did I realize I’d probably set up a separate account for this, using some unusual password. Anyway, I figured this would not be a big deal. I clicked “I forgot password”. I put in my email and then my phone number.

Apple then sent a text message to my phone, with a code that I was to type into the website. No problem. I typed the code into the website.

All is going well up to this point. I assume I am about to reset my password.

But then I’m told that I might have to wait up to 24 hours to reset my account.


But it gets crazier. I get this email from Apple:

You will receive a text or a phone call at this number when your account is ready to recover on April 5, 2018 at 1:14:17 PM EDT. For updated status information or to provide additional information to help recover your account, visit

That is 2 weeks from the moment I clicked “I forgot my password”.

What the hell? I’ve never heard of updating a password taking 2 weeks. Why would it take that long?

Apparently there are some shortcuts I could use if I had an iCloud account or a passcode on a trusted iOS device, but I don’t.

So I have to wait 2 weeks? That seems crazy.

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