Bad habits: someone reports a bug so you insult them

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

This is a good example of how to do things wrong. Kyle Kingsbury did another one of his epic posts on Jespen. Every one of his posts so far has been a masterpiece of technical investigation. In the latest article he found a bug in Chronos, and he created an “issue” on Github. One of the programmers of Chronos then insulted him.

Kyle Kingsbury says:

I’m still not clear how exiting preserves correctness and prevents “split brain behavior”, but I’ve asked this four times now and don’t want to beat a dead horse, haha. ;-)

Brenden Matthews responds:

Like I suggested before, you should stop by our offices @ 88 Stevenson for lunch some day, and you can chat with our best and brightest about this (and other things) until the cows come home. Then you can save yourself a lot of back and forth, and nerdraging about computers.

Obviously he wants to keep the conversation off the Internet. Better to resovle it quietly in an office meeting. The bit about “nerdraging” is a hell of a thing to say, given the effort that Kingsbury put in to find this bug.

Thankfully, Itamar Syn-Hershko pointed out the stupidity of the response:

Just so I get this right – in late 2015, with the internet, forums, chat rooms and video streaming capabilities, you are suggesting the only forum to discuss issues is your office? putting aside this technicality, this is a discussion I’d like to be able to follow as well.

And Jared Morrow offered this bit of sarcasm:

Why talk openly in an open forum about open source software when you can come to our offices and talk privately behind closed doors.