Chris Zheng is angry at the Clojure community

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This initially sounds like it is going to be interesting:

I say it with much admiration and respect to all the members of community. I’ve learnt so much from being in this microcosm of dynamism, ideas and learning over the past 8 years. Clojure has allowed me to get to know so many amazing people, to travel to a whole bunch of places and to do things that I had never thought possible.

Having said that, I’ve gone from a wide-eyed, idealistic fanboy to someone less idealistic, and almost cynical about the trajectory of the language. I have gained so much – but at the same time, I had expected more. Now I’m just tired.

Like the ending of a long love affair with a girl way out of my league, I loved and loathed every single minute of my time as a clojure developer. The experience, though unforgettable, has taken a toll on my mental and physical well-being. I feel that I have given my all. Now that the party is over and sunrise begins to reveal the plastic fairy lights and overdone makeup, I begin to question my life as well as the values that I am looking for within it.

But he never says what exactly has changed him so fundamentally. He complains about Noir and newer frameworks, and he complains about Datomic. But is that it? His intro implies a rethink much more fundamental than the minor stuff he lists.

His most fundamental complaint is about the myth of the Rockstar Programmer. That would be a good subject to write about, but not much is really said about it.

I like the code that Chris Zheng writes, but this isn’t his best essay.

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