Clojure community problems

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:


What an amazing language. Relatively frequent, consistently stable releases. A pleasure to use. A friendly, smart community. I feel very lucky to be a Clojure user! Thank you for all of your hard work.

The Clojure contrib process frustrates me more than any technical or community aspect of the language.

Clojure gets a lot right, but as has been repeatedly discussed the pace of evolution and the maintainership’s dim view of 3rd party non-bugfix work flatly leads to worthy but minor work such as type predicates going largely ignored and certainly unmerged. In most open source projects, contributors can impact priorities by giving of their time to support work which isn’t high priority. The work which Nola Stowe did on clojure.string was awesome and I think we can see more of that if Alex et all allocate more capacity to working with contributors.

I found some of the recent back-and-forth about tuples to be very disheartening—-if I were Zach Tellman I would decide not to bother attempting to make improvements to the core of Clojure. […]

i have become a little worried about the future of the language. The core team are way ahead in terms of design and concepts, but seem to lack any kind of empathy with beginners.

Things I think should be a priority for the long term future of Clojure: […] 3. More open core development process. I worry about the long term future of Clojure when it appears to be driven by internal decisions within a single company (i.e. Cognitect). I am uncomfortable with this approach, and am hesitant to commit fully to Clojure as a language until this becomes more open. Maybe a “Clojure Foundation” would be a good idea?