Could client side Java make a comeback?

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Gluon has always been very active in the Java Mobile Enterprise area. One of the big benefits of Java on the mobile and embedded client, is the fact that 12 million Java developers can use their skills to create mobile and embedded applications. In the past, the runtime for mobile platforms always lagged behind the runtime for desktop.

When we announced GluonVM, we said we would aim to bring Java on mobile at the same level as Java on desktop. We are now realising this with the Gluon Client build system, to which the Gluon Client Plugin is the entry point.

The same plugin that allows you to build Java(FX) apps for desktop will also be able to generate mobile apps, using the exact same Java and JavaFX version.

We are actively working in the three mentioned projects (GraalVM, OpenJDK and OpenJFX) to make sure they all work very well on mobile devices. We are extremely fortunate to be able to work with very skilled developer in those teams to make it happen.

Expect more news shortly.

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