Different people have different strengths

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I love this :

I’ve had similar self-doubt in the past, I considered myself fast but sloppy.
I changed my opinion after a workshop on different team roles at my previous job. A lot of it was boring workshop fluff, but I loved the core message: that many personality traits aren’t purely positive or negative. Perfectionists are nitpickers. Fast developers are sloppy. Experienced ones overthink stuff. Bleeding-edge evangelists ruin long-term stability etc. There are two sides to every coin. We tend to value traits we have (or desire) and judge people based on that, but it really depends on the team and the task.
Need a quick-and-dirty prototype ASAP? Give it to the framework hipster. Planning architecture for a complex long-term project? Ask the boring slow guy with 20 years experience. Build teams with enough variety and try to solve problems through process. Don’t scold the fast guy for being sloppy, give him tasks that require speed and solve bugs with better QA and tests.
TL;DR: A damage dealer will beat a healer one on one, but that doesn’t mean he’s better. You need them both (plus a tank) to run a dungeon successfully.

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