How can I connect the Amazon Echo to wifi in an Enterprise with secure wifi?

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I posted this question on the TalkEcho forum. Any suggestions are welcome.

One big problem we face (developing Enterprise apps for the Amazon Echo) is when we do a demo at a large company. Then we are typically facing the WPA2 Enterprise version of WiFi, which the Echo does not seem to support. When I look here:

I see it says:

“Amazon Echo connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz) networks that use the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard. It does not support enterprise or ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) networks, or public networks that require a web browser for authentication (such as a hotel or coffee shop).”

This has been a frequent complaint for over a year and yet Amazon has done nothing to address this problem. See the questions/answers here:

Kelly Carter wrote:

“For those of you (e.g., J Penrose) that think this is such an unusual case: maybe you’re unaware that many WiFi networks belong to businesses or institutions, and an end user can’t just “fix the router”. For example, I work at a university with WiFi available over a huge area (actually, campuses in multiple cities). It uses authentication that requires username/password. Echo needs to be able to work with such networks.”

Snake Doctor wrote:

“I’m an intermediate Science teacher and was really looking forward to using echo in my classroom. With the inability to connect to enterprise networks, this is no longer an option. Such a shame…. Echo would have been great in my classroom.”

This is my own feeling too. There is a large opportunity for the Echo in schools and businesses, but it does not support the most common wifi found in those locations.

So my one other thought was that maybe there is a sneaky way I can use Bluetooth? If my cell phone is connected to wifi, and I pair with the Echo over Bluetooth, is there a way to get the Echo to use the wifi from my phone? I’ve tried this, but apparently the Echo and the phone need to be on the same wifi network before Bluetooth pairing can happen, and of course, I can not get them on the same wifi in places the wifi is Enterprise.

Anyone have any thoughts about the right way around this?