How to test the Salesvoice skill for the Amazon Echo

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

1.) if you have access to a Salesforce account, use that. If there is an admin at your company who manages the Salesforce account, talk to them. Otherwise, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial on Salesforce. Be sure to go for the Enterprise Edition.

2.) You must enable the SalesVoice Connected App

3.) Relax IP restrictions, or whitelist the IP from which your Amazon Echo will be in use

4.) You will need to enter 4 pieces of information (see screenshots below):

Consumer Key

Consumer Secret

Your username

Your password

When I go here:

I scroll down to the section that says:

API (Enable OAuth Settings)

And there I see the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

When you enable this skill in your Alexa app, you will need to type in all 4 pieces of information.

To find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, click the “Setup” link at the top right. You must have admin privileges, or you will not see this link:

You see it? Over on the right. Do you see the word “Setup”? Click that.

Now on the left, click “Create” and then click “Apps”:

If I then click on “Salesvoice” I end up seeing this:

You can see the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret half way most of the way down this page. You will need them.

Now the admin who runs your Salesforce account (or you, if you have no admin) will also need to grant permissions for this API to work. There are 2 main ways to go:

1.) relax all IP restrictions

2.) whitelist the IP from which the Amazon Echo will be working

For my demo, I chose to relax all IP restrictions. To do this yourself, again, click on the “Setup” link, and then, on the right of the page, click on “Manage Apps”:

If you then click on Connected Apps, you will see:

If you then click on SalesVoice, you will see:

You see the 2 settings at the bottom? I have set it so:

1.) All users may self-authenticate

2.) IP Relaxation is set to “Relax IP restrictions”

Once these permissions are granted, our Alexa skill, when enabled for your Amazon Echo, will be able to give you reports about what sort of deals you have in your sales pipeline.

As we say on our official skill page:

Are you frustrated when important information gets buried in Salesforce? SalesVoice quickly brings you up to speed with your sales pipeline – without lifting a finger!

Try saying:

Alexa, ask SalesVoice about Big Steak Grill.

to get a pulse on the relationship, an open opportunities snapshot, and any next steps.

Then try:

Alexa, ask SalesVoice about open deals for Taco Town.

for the total value of all open opportunities.

And don’t forget:

Alexa, ask SalesVoice what chance we have with Soho Sushi

to get the average close-win probability on all open opportunities.