Is Docker ready for production?

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I prefer uberjars to Docker, and I prefer fat binaries, such as those allowed by Go, over Docker. And still there is the question “Is Docker ready?”

Senex says:

I’ve been tracking the beta for a while. I’m confused about this announcement. These issues still seem unresolved?
(1) docker can peg the CPU until it’s restarted

(2) pinata was removed, so it can’t be configured from CLI scripts

(3) it’s not possible to establish an ip-level route from the host to a container, which many dev environments depend on

(4) filesystem can be slow

Are these fixed in stable? I’m personally stuck transitioning from docker-machine and (from the comments) it seems like other folks are as well…

jmspring says:

Sadly, the state of things, be it the Docker ecosystem or others, “ready for production” means something much different than it did years ago.
For me, the definition of ready for production, Debian is a good example of the opposite end of Docker.

rhinoceraptor says:

I think by ‘production’, they mean ‘ready for general use on developer laptops’. No one in their right mind is deploying actual production software on Docker, on OS X/Windows.
I’ve been using it on my laptop daily for a month or two now, and it’s been great. Certainly much better than the old Virtualbox setup.

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