Jakub Holý on the awesome productivity of Clojurescript

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I have found the REPL useful when working with Clojure. I plan to write about this soon. Jakub Holý has a great write-up regarding both Clojure and Clojurescript:

Aside – about us: Telia Norge is Norway’s second largest mobile operator. Our team has spent the past three years with Node.js, React, and (eventually) Redux creating a great webshop (for hardware and subscriptions) to replace an off-the-shelf one, with a great success. Now we set out to make also the lives of our business customers much better – and we picked Clojure and ClojureScript for that.

The short story. I was adding an Ajax call, massaging data into the format it needed, triggering it from the UI, and handling its result or failure – a classical plumbing work. Being able to run any code from my IDE against the live, running application, accessing and changing its state at will, testing tiny code changes – all that resulted in a super quick feedback loop, enabling me to convert quickly on to working code.

One troublesome part of the code was the function formatting the application state into the form that the backend submit-order required. From a backend error about missing data, I was able to quickly go to running the formatting function against the actual application state, easily comparing the state and formatting output, never leaving my IDE and beloved keyboard shortcuts. As needed, replicating local variables and running parts of the function to zoom in on a particular part, fixing mistakes, and re-running, until all worked.

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