Mark Lee Smith fights functional programming in 2011

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

I find it interesting to go back and look at the sites where was learning about Functional Programming back in 2011.

It’s interesting to read those who were on the losing side of history, fighting against Functional Programming:

If you’re writing 2000-line classes and 500-line methods then you’re in no way qualified to be speaking about object-oriented programming, let alone comparing it with the latest FAD ideology.

Christian Toivola gave what has become the standard answer:

@Mark Lee Smith: With the amount of functional concepts seeping into OO languages like Java and C# you ought to be ashamed of ignorant comments like that. And in fairness, its possible to write monolithic code regardless of your choice of programming paradigm. Besides a somewhat bad example which you are now nitpicking, what he says is correct: when you get simpler data structures, it becomes easier to break away from sub-type polymorphism which is problematic to say the least. If you don’t recognize that, then perhaps you have not spent enough time doing OOP. If I have to use another convoluted design pattern to do something that is supposed to be /simple/ then I will blow my brains out. I am so sick of this C++ heritage that it makes me want to puke – it has truly reached the height of its usefulness and its plain to see that modern languages are shifting away from this crippling ideology. K THX BYE.