Object oriented programming is stupidly complicated

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com

Clojure lab makes a good point:

They are fine frameworks and languges but all of them praise OOP paradigm. I have no big experience with programming but i can say that this concept is overcomplicated from my point of view. I even think that people just didn’t understand objects concept and started using it in another way, mostly wrong way. I could say that nowadays it’s Class programming.

“Classes orginize your code” ! I saw this phrase on some experienced programmer blog and it really is, that how most people think about this. You have to architect classes and hierarchies of classes to make things work but what about objects ? Any way you have to learn how this stuff works and it takes time, in some cases a lot of it.

Nowadays you can choose between complexity and simplicty. Long long ago was born Lisp. I don’t know why but it was mostly forgotten for years till these days. Clojure mostly reincarnation of this simple and powerfull language and concepts behind that. Now i understand why scheme is the language that people learn at computer since course in MIT. It simple and powerfull and it’s ideal for beginners.

You can learn most vital concepts in Clojure in a day. Syntax in an hour. And you can start doing things rightaway. So did i. I used only functions. No classes no variables no state no class hierarchies and thinking how this stuff works and why.