Pay discrimination in tech

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This sounds bad:

Women who write the software that runs on mainframe computers earn on average 72 cents per dollar earned by their male counterparts, according to research conducted by Glassdoor Inc., the online job information firm. That pay gap exists even after controlling for age, education, experience, job title, employer and location.

This suggests that the gap widens with age:

However, not all tech jobs pay men and women so differently. Among mobile developers, there is just a 2.9% gap between the average salaries for men and women after adjusting for age, experience and other factors. For software engineers, men on average make 6% more than their female colleagues.

Tech companies are just starting to release data about how much they pay their workers., under pressure from a shareholder, said on Tuesday it found women and men earn essentially the same in its U.S. workforce. Apple and Intel have said they found little-to-no compensation discrepancies among their U.S. workers.

Part of these narrower pay gaps can be explained by age. Jobs that employ younger workers have smaller gender pay gaps, which increase the longer people are in the workforce. Software engineers and mobile developers, meanwhile, are more likely to be younger workers, Mr. Chamberlain said.

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