Play music as you move from page to page

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My friend Scott Meves has an interesting post about playing music on a site:

Unfortunately, if you want to create ambiance with continuously playing background music (and avoid creating a flash-based website), there is no easy way to accomplish this. I spent some time yesterday and today digging up a workable solution, and found a flash mp3 player that “remembers” the position of the audio when you leave each page and starts the track back up again at that spot on the next page. The end result is when you navigate the site, the music starts up where it left off on the previous page. If you hit stop, the music remains off on subsequent page loads. The player is a very simple, open-source flash audio player called XSPF and was enhanced with a feature the author calls “autoresume.”

To have the music truly be continuous, with no breaks while clicking between pages, I’ll explain two potential solutions and the challenges with both. The easiest way to understand all of this may be to think about watching a movie on YouTube or listening to a song on MySpace. Basically, there is just no way to keep playing the audio or video if you click through to another page.. it has to stop, unless you keep that player loaded at all all times in its own window or “frame” on the page.