Scala programmers do not trust Martin Odersky

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This whole conversation is incredible. Here is a forum full of Scala programmers, and they seem to be talking against Odersky’s proposal. And with some anger. I’ve never seen a Rubyist talk about Matz like that. I’ve never heard a Clojurist talk about Rich Hickey that way. Java programmers are, at most, muted in their criticism of Gosling, with the overall recognition that “mistakes were made” but made in good faith. I suppose you could argue that Pythonists are split this way over version 2 versus version 3, but the venom is never directed at Guido Von Rossum.

The only other place I think I’ve seen this kind of direct criticism is with David Heinemeier Hansson, because some people hate the way he’s managed Rails.

An example from this thread:

I’m very much against this being in the stdlib. I simply don’t understand the need.

If newcomers come to scala and ask about anything, what is so wrong with having a wiki/web page stating a list of recommended libraries? There could be a whole list of JSON related libraries that users could look at and choose themselves, thus allowing the community to benefit from the competition. Having something in the stdlib for JSON (or anything else) is prescribing what a user should be using.

Instead of pigeon-holing them into something that is “standard” and possibly underwhelming, support the community projects that already exist.

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