The Amazon Alexa certification process has gone out of control

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This is sadly accurate:

The certification process has gone out of control.

This is one example of the… I’m struggling to keep to professional language… questionable judgement… show by the certification team. I’ve had two skills come back with a similar objection. I want to ask them if they have even used Alexa regularly? It gets REALLY tedious to have it endlessly repeat things. It’s like, “Yes, I know what I can do next. Please let me get on with it.”

The first time I sent it back with an explanation of how this was by design. But, to cater for their concern, I used my dynamic adaptive feature so that people who were new to the skill heard an extra prompt, but after you had used the skill for a while, the prompt was removed. This was all pasted into the comments section that they added.


And that wasn’t the only example. There were at least six dumb/pedantic objections. Many of which I had specifically commented on in my feedback. It’s like they didn’t even read the feedback.

What’s the point in having a comments section if the certification team is not going to read it?

That leads to several other questions like…

How can we possibly be innovative in our skills if the arbitrary rules are going to be so narrowly interpreted?