The daily Scrum meeting is a pointless ritual

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I love this:

The daily standup deserves a blog post of its own. This religious ritual has become a staple of every team in the world. Ten minutes of staring into the void, talking about what you did while no one else listens, because they were in the middle of something five minutes ago and will go back to it in another five minutes, and waiting for everyone else to finish. I know this sounds cynical, but it is the end result of asking people to do it every freaking day. Nowadays devs are communicating on all kinds of channels (email, Slack, Github/Gitlab, ticketing system) and tracking detailed progress on some of these. What’s the point in having them stand around for another ten minutes to repeat a few standard sentences? The daily standup is in my opinion a manifestation of a significant but unspoken component of Scrum: Control. The main goal of Scrum is to minimize risk and make sure the developers do not deviate from the plan. I will come back to “Scrum controlmania” later.

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