The tremendous innovation in Javascript

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

There is no question that tremendous innovation is happening in the vast extended eco-system that touches upon Javascript. Sadly, I am not much interested in it. Maybe that is because I am not focused on the frontend right now. But also because I’m interested in solving these issues in other ways. All the same, Sam Ruby’s walkthrough of Angular.js is interesting:

We have a model, view, and controller on the client, seemlessly interacting with the model, view, and controller on the server. Everything (except for a small stylesheet) is defined using Ruby syntax, and is converted to HTML, JavaScript, or directly executed as appropriate. While I chose Ruby, other choices could obviously be made. The Angular.js framework can also be used directly (and browing the generate JavaScript would help show you how to do this), at a cost of some additional learning curve (things like dependency injection, which are taken care of by my mapping filters for angular.js).

The point here being that there are good frameworks out there that do client side MVC. These frameworks (quoting directly from Tim’s original post):

embody[…] a lot of history and hard-won lessons. Crucially, for most of the things you’d want to put in a UI, there’s usually a single canonical solid well-debugged way to do it, which is the top result for the appropriate question on both Google and StackOverflow.