What kind of standards are useful to your team?

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I love this:

Its a bit of a diochotomy that microservice teams tend to eschew the kind of rigid enforced standards laid down by enterprise architecture groups but will happily use and even evangelise the use of open standards such as HTTP, ATOM and other microformats.

The key difference is how the standards are developed and how they are enforced. Standards managed by groups such as the IETF only become standards when there are several live implementations of them in the wider world and which often grow from successful open-source projects.

These standards are a world apart from many in a corporate world, which are often developed by groups that have little recent programming experience or overly influenced by vendors.

Lord knows I have seen some ugly internals APIs that were developed by very smart people who developed those APIs in accordance with some theory they believed in. I am thinking of one in particular, the service which provided the API was written in Scala, the developers were well known in the Scala community, and I thought the API represented some ideas that reflected the spirit of Scala. I personally don’t like Scala, so no doubt that colored my opinion of the API.