Automate the setup of your infrastructure

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This is also a good point. If you set things up manually, using something like the AWS console, then you don’t have an easy way to repeat the process, nor documentation of what you did. Use Terraform instead:

5. Configuring the AWS Console

I regret almost every time I configure something in the AWS Console. “Click ops” can be fast and effective, but the advantage of having a version-controlled, peer-reviewed definition of your infrastructure is significant. It doesn’t matter much if you’re using Cloudformation, Terraform, or higher level tools like AWS Cloud Development Toolkit. Anything is better than clicking around the AWS Console.

Most of the time, infrastructure defined in code or configuration is easier to maintain. Having infrastructure defined in code doesn’t mean you need to make it complex though. Abstractions here using modules can be very powerful but can cause unexpected side effects, so I prefer to avoid DRYing (Don’t repeat yourself) things in favor of simple declarative instructions.

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