Netflix shows are the great hope for Poland?

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Last month the archbishop of Kraków, Marek Jędraszewiski, issued a pastoral letter to be read out at all of Krakow’s many churches. “The next great threat to our freedom has appeared,” writes the archbishop. When a child succumbs to LGBT ideology, “for a parent there is no bigger tragedy”.

When Law and Justice was elected four years ago, she tried to be optimistic on her Facebook page: “Come on!” she wrote: “Can they really destroy everything in four years?” As bad as those years have been, she believes they have also acted as a “wake-up call”, and places her faith in the young people, gay and straight, who she sees on the equality marches in Kraków. “They’re not old enough to vote now, but they will be in four years. They’re raised on Netflix shows and they really don’t know what the fuss is about. Equality is just normality for them. That’s what the future looks like.”

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