What the hell happened to Britain?

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I realize people ask this question about the USA a lot, but it’s also worth asking about Britain. All of this is far removed from the culture that the British have boasted about for centuries:

Maria Miller also insisted that Labour only had itself to blame for the Sulk’s behaviour. The real victim in all this weren’t MPs receiving death threats, it was Boris himself. He had been pushed to the edge by an opposition that was totally unreasonably blocking his plans to completely screw over the country with a no-deal Brexit. Sulk sad. Sulk angry. Sulk bullied.

Bernard Jenkin went further still. All female Labour MPs had to do to stop the abuse was to stop droning on about Jo Cox. Couldn’t they just get over the fact that one of their friends had died? Hell, it was more than three years ago. Just move on. Shit happened. Time for women to man up. At which point, the Commons threatened to boil over again. Just as Classic Dom and the Sulk had hoped. Foster just looked rather bemused and stared at the clock.

Number 10’s contempt for parliament had also been on show earlier in the day when James Duddridge, another minor jobsworth of limited talent and charm, rather than the Brexit secretary had been pushed out to answer an urgent question on whether the government intended to request an extension if no deal was reached by 31 October. We’ve long since passed the point where anyone takes the government obeying the law for granted.

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